Attorney Profile

Brodie Hacken is a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  He has owned and operated The Law Office of Brodie Hacken since January 2012.  In that time, he has helped countless clients with their legal issues, which have ranged from simple traffic violations to aggravated felony charges.  

Brodie attended law school at Hamline University School of Law.  During his time there, he focused mainly in the area of intellectual property law, but quickly realized that his passion was in helping people, not pushing papers around his desk.  This epiphany led to Brodie focusing his efforts on criminal law.  During law school, Brodie was a summer associate for the Winona County (MN) Attorney's Office.  This time spent working from the prosecution's point of view helped Brodie better understand what the goal of the state is in prosecuting suspected criminals and has served him well in his representation of clients from the defendant's side of the room.

Brodie is a creative, aggressive, and compassionate advocate for his clients.  He works hard to ensure that he gets his clients the best possible outcome.  Brodie prides himself in his ability be a calming presence for his clients, even as he works feverishly behind closed doors to develop defense strategies.  This combination of skills has endeared Brodie to his clients time and time again and has lead to a high number of client referrals.

In the future, Brodie hopes to continue to grow his firm and increase his positive impact on the community.  The goals he set when opening his doors were not about money, publicity, or power, but rather about providing justice to those who are in need of a little.  

Brodie lives in White Bear Lake, MN with his wife, three children, and two dogs.  

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