Weapons Charges

Weapons charges cover a wide array of crimes.  They can include the possession of an illegal weapon, the possession of a weapon by an ineligible person, the illegal use of a weapon, the illegal purchase of weapons, and about 50 other things that you've probably never even considered.  

Regardless of what the specific charge is, there are a few universal truths related to weapons charges.  First, they tend to carry with them mandatory sentences.  For instance, if you have been barred from possessing a firearm due to a previously committed crime, any violation of that prohibition carries with it a mandatory 60-month sentence.  Because of these mandatory sentences, it can be very difficult to negotiate a reasonable plea with the prosecution, leaving trial as your only option.  Secondly, conviction under most (if not all) weapons-related offenses will result in the cancellation of your gun rights.  You will no longer be able to possess any type of firearm.  Thirdly, you will serve some sort of jail time if convicted.  Whether that time is served as house arrest, ankle monitoring, community service, or actual jail time is up for negotiation, but you will be serving some sort of time.  There isn't a judge in the state who will consider a plea for a weapons-related offense that doesn't include some sort of jail sentence.

If you have been charged with a weapons-related crime, you need an attorney.  Your freedom, livelihood, and reputation are all in danger of being destroyed by a conviction.  Please contact us at The Law Office of Brodie Hacken as soon as you can in order to get the ball rolling on your defense.