Drug Charges

Drug charges cover a wide array of offenses.  Possession of narcotics, possession with intent to sell narcotics, possession of narcotics-related paraphernalia, and countless other things can be considered drug charges.  Some of these charges are relatively tame.  Possession of a small amount of marijuana is usually a municipal code violation, meaning that it's not truly a 'crime.'  Possession with intent to sell can be a felony-level offense that is punishable by multiple years in prison and huge fines.  

Drug possession in Minnesota is broken up into a number of categories which are constructed based up on the type of drug the accused is said to be in possession of and how much of said drug they have.  In general, the more of a specific substance you have, the greater the potential penalty for having said substance can be.  For reference, here is a chart describing the difference between 5th degree possession and 1st degree possession in Minnesota.

Drug charges often hinge on the admissibility of evidence found by police during a search.  Hiring a qualified Criminal Defense Attorney is the only sure way to know that your Constitutional rights are being protected.  Handling a case as complicated as a drug charge by yourself is a recipe for disaster.  Call or email a Criminal Defense Attorney at The Law Office of Brodie Hacken today to get started on your representation.